MNT Team

Our core team consists of three people in the Berlin studio, plus a number of specialized freelancers. Our team members come from different disciplines and thus bring diverse perspectives to the development of our products.

Lukas F. Hartmann

Lukas F. Hartmann Lukas is the founder and engineer of MNT Research. Their specialties include:

Greta Melnik

Greta Melnik (and Tina) Greta has been with MNT since the beginning and leads our Quality and Sustainability department. She is also responsible for:


plom Plom has been collaborating with MNT Research for a long time. Their tasks include:

Anri Paul Hennies

Anri Paul Hennies Anri is relatively new to MNT. He started at the beginning of 2022 and is Head of Text. His tasks include:

Brendan Nystedt

Brendan Nystedt Brendan is a regular contributor to MNT and helps us with:

Ana Dantas

Ana Dantas Ana is also a long-term contributor to MNT. She is the lead industrial designer for:

Partners and Contributors

We have worked with individuals and institutions in the past and continue to do so in the present and future. Among them are: